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Lasalle Secondary School September Message

To Our School Community,

The start of this school year will be a historical one.  You have been challenged with deciding whether to have your child or children attend school in class or online.  There have been a number of media reports and communications that have come from our school board.  What we do know is that the school year will involve a staggered entry.

For Lasalle, Tuesday, September 8 will only see grade 9’s officially return to a full day of school.  This is the day they will meet their teacher’s and familiarize themselves with the school and courses.  This day will involve the first day of classes and orientation.

To facilitate the new entry of grade 7 and 8’s to Lasalle we will have

  • Grade 8 orientation day on Tuesday from 12:30 to 1:30.
  • Grade 7 orientation day on Wednesday from 12:30 to 1:30.

This is the opportunity for students to meet administration, their teachers, visit their classroom and understand entry and exit points for the school.  For orientation, all students will be asked to report to the outside of the main entrance where they will be organized in their cohort.  Please know we are still working on the cohorts as we learn about students that will be attending school in person or online.

Grade 7 & 8’s will join the grades 9, 10 and 11 for their first full day on Thursday, September 10.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Grade 9 first day (includes orientation)

Grade 8 Orientation Day: 12:30 – 1:30

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Grades 9 and 10

Grade 7 Orientation Day: 12:30 – 1:30

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Grades 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11

Friday, September 11, 2020

Grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12


Please remember to contact the Sudbury Student Services Consortium to ensure  transportation is set up for your child.

Call 705 521-1234 or 1 877 225-1196

There seems to be some confusion around busing/transportation.  To clarify, students will not be in a cohort for busing.  As students arrive on the bus, the expectation is that the students will be directed to their seats. If you have any questions regarding transportation please see the contact information listed below.


Elementary: Lunches for elementary students will take place in the students classroom.  The lunch hour will be split in 2 allowing the first group to eat in their classes with supervision and the second group will be able to go outside with supervision for a break.  The groups will then switch.

The Lunch Hour is 40 minutes in length, 20 minutes for the first group, 20 minutes for the second group.

Cafeterias will be open for a pre-packaged lunch only.  Elementary students will be able to pre-order their packaged lunch at the beginning of the day.

Secondary: Please know that we are currently working on what the secondary lunch time will look like.  The best advice is to have your child bring their own lunch. We are working on a staggered lunch by grade. The direction from our board is that secondary students will be provided the option to be outside for lunch.  Students are encouraged to stay in their cohorts.  Upon entry back into the school, students need to return to wearing their masks.

Cafeterias will be open for a pre-packaged lunch only.

Pre-Screening prior to arriving at school is a parent/guardian responsibility.

Pre-Screening Questionnaire, please see link,


Information from the parent survey on school attendance will help determine our next steps. Having said that, we are missing 45% of our secondary student response and 47% of our elementary students.  In order to facilitate classroom cohorts, understanding of technology needs, lunch hours and entry and exit protocols we need to know and understand which students are attending in person and which students are attending online.  If you have completed the survey through RDSB, thank you.  If you have not, please click on the link below to fill out the Lasalle survey by noon Wednesday August 26th .


Entry and Exits

Elementary Students who take the bus will be entering the building at the side door in the laneway.  Elementary Students who walk to school will use the main entrance. This will be reviewed at the orientation session. The end of the day exit will take place at the main entrance.  Students will be called out of class according to their bus arrival with supervision.  We will provide additional information via email to parents.  Please make sure you contact the school if your email has been changed.  Contact is Ms. Antoniazzi at

Secondary Students will enter the main entrance of the building and are directed to their classroom upon arrival.  If students are choosing to go outside for the lunch period they must stay outside for the entire lunch period (or within 5 minutes prior to the start of their afternoon class.  Therefore the students will have exactly 35 minutes for the lunch hour and are expected to be on time for the second period.  Students will need to be screened up re-entry for Covid-19 symptoms.  This is why we highly encourage students to bring their own lunch to school. Cafeterias will be open for a pre-packaged lunch only.

Please note: No student will be permitted to leave the school during class time.  The doors will remain locked.

Parents/Guardians:  Parents/guardians will not be permitted in the school. Exceptional circumstances will be considered by appointment only.

For students who have chosen remote learning, both elementary and secondary, please see the following link.

If you are interested, below is the Q & A created by the Rainbow District School Board

Frequently asked questions, from RDSB

To our new and returning students, parents and guardians, we welcome you back to school, in person or remotely.  There is a full recognition that this school year will look different, an adaptation from the ending of the last school year.  Our school community will work together to ensure the best possible learning experience for all students while engaging in health and safety protocols. 

In the coming days and weeks ahead please be mindful that there may be a few bumps in the road as we adapt to our new reality.  As always, be kind to yourself, your family and others.