Lasalle’s rich tradition of athletics provides students with an opportunity to be trained under the guidance of skilled coaches. It gives students a sense of purpose, belonging, and school pride. The benefits of playing sports help these athletes develop responsibly, commitment, respect, and time management.

In 2019 Lasalle Secondary School launched its new Sport and Healthy Active Living Program (SHAL). The program, open to all students in the Lasalle Secondary School area, will maximize human potential in sport, fitness and academics with a focus on three specific strands –Elite Athlete Development, Healthy Active Living and Sports Administration.

The Sport and Healthy Active Living Program (SHAL) is designed to meet the needs of students who intend to maintain a lifelong connection to sport, fitness and leisure activities.

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Below is a list of the sports’ activities offered at
Lasalle Secondary School during the 2021-2022 school year, as well as the Staff Member/Community Coach over seeing the group:

Badminton – J.Oliver

Basketball – Boys Junior – D.Young

Basketball – Boys Senior – Community Coach: Joel Rehel and School Liaison: M.Chute

Basketball – Girls Junior – R.Goodier and S.Vaillancourt

Basketball – Girls Senior – Community Coach: John Dawson and Staff Liaison: K.Passi

Cross Country Running – M.Shaw and K.Passi

Cross Country Skiing – B.Hodgins

Curling – L.Gorman and Community Coach: Brian Rajala

Flag Football – Girls – C.Carriere and L.Patrie

Football – Boys’ – B.Dougan and J.McKnight

Golf – V.Sakellaris

Hockey – Boys – J.Black, C.Neale, S.Vaillancourt and A.Benoit

Intramurals – M.Cootes and S.Jacques

Lasalle Athletic Council – R.Gauthier and S.Jacques

Soccer – Boys’s Junior and Senior – M.Cootes

Soccer – Girls – M.Cootes

Tennis – J.Black

Volleyball – Boys’ Junior – Community Coach: Evan Lielkalns and Staff Liaison: S.Jacques

Volleyball – Boys’ Senior – Community Coach: D.Beausoleil

Yoga Club – S.Jones

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