Technological Studies

Technological Studies

Technological Studies

Lasalle Secondary School has one of the largest Technological Studies programs in the Rainbow District School Board. Technological Studies is composed of courses in Animation, Construction Technology, Technological Design, Communications Technology, Manufacturing Technology (Machine Shop), Manufacturing Technology (Welding), and Transportation Technology.

Due to our close proximity to Cambrian College, senior students may have opportunities to access Cambrian College facilities through the Dual Credit program.


The Lasalle Animation class offers students the opportunity to be creative and produce 3D models and animations using industry standard software.  Students can also learn how to code simple computer games and use 3D printers to bring their models into the physical world.

Construction Technology

The Construction courses are targeted to introduce students to building materials and processes through opportunities to design and build various construction projects. Students will learn to create and read working drawings, become familiar with common construction materials, components, and processes; and perform a variety fabrication, assembly, and finishing operations. Students will learn proper measurement with metric and imperial systems. The two-college level construction courses focus more on developing knowledge and skills related to residential construction and to explore light commercial construction. They will learn how the Ontario Building Code and other regulations and standards apply to construction projects. They will also focus on environmental and societal issues related to construction engineering technology, and explore career opportunities in the field.

Technological Design

The Technological Design courses provide students with opportunities to apply a design process to meet a variety of technological challenges. Students will research projects, create designs (using the software AutoCad), 3-D images, build models and prototypes, and assess products using appropriate tools, techniques, and strategies. Some projects may include designs for homes, vehicles, bridges, robotic arms, and clothing.

Manufacturing Technology – Machine Shop

The Manufacturing courses introduce students to the manufacturing industry by giving them an opportunity to design and fabricate products using a variety of processes, tools, and equipment. Students learn about technical drawings, properties and preparation of materials, and manufacturing techniques. Projects may include a robotic challenge, a design challenge, or fabrication involving processes such as machining, wielding, vacuum forming, or injection molding. The students will use equipment such as lathes, mills, wielders, computer-aided machines, robots, control systems, computer numerical control, and print reading. They will have opportunities to obtain industry-standard training and certifications. They will expand their awareness of environmental and societal issues and career opportunities in the manufacturing industry.

Transportation Technology

The Transportation courses are targeted to introduce students to the service and maintenance of vehicles, aircrafts, and/or watercrafts. Students will develop knowledge and skills related to the construction and operation of vehicle/craft systems and learn maintenance and repair techniques. Projects may include the construction of a self-propelled vehicle/craft, engine service, tire/wheel service, electrical/battery service. Students will develop technical knowledge and skills as they study, test, service, and repair engine management systems; power trains; steering control, suspension, brake, and body systems on vehicles, aircraft, and/or watercrafts and/or small engine products. Students will refine communication and teamwork skills through practical tasks, using a variety of tools and equipment. Students will expand on their awareness of environmental and societal issues related to transportation and their knowledge of apprenticeship and college programs leading into careers in the transportation industry.

Manufacturing Technology – Welding

This hands-on, project based course is designed for students planning to enter an occupation or apprenticeship in manufacturing directly after graduation. Students will work on a variety of manufacturing projects, developing knowledge and skills in design, fabrication, and problem solving, using tools and equipment. They will develop their knowledge and skills related to the use of engine lathes, milling machines, welding machines, and other related tools and equipment as they design ad fabricate solutions to a variety of technological challenges in manufacturing. Students may have opportunities to acquire industry-standard training and certification. Students will expand on their awareness of environmental and societal issues and of career opportunities in the manufacturing industry.

Program Leader: Mr. L. Gorman

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